Vision Statement

Enabling, valuing and empowering all, in our positive, safe and happy school.

The school was originally built in 1982 to cater for pupils aged 4 – 16 years with moderate learning difficulties.

Since October 2015 it has become a Community Special School for pupils with a wide range of learning difficulties and associated special needs.

The school is maintained by West Sussex County Council and admits boys and girls aged 4 – 11 years who have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Educational, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

We are committed to providing a stimulating learning environment in which all our children can feel happy, valued, safe, secure and confident.

We currently have 12 classes, some of which have overhead hoists, 2 sensory rooms, a ball pool, a separate dining room, a sports hall, therapy room, library, cookery room and other rooms that can be used for any necessary intervention work or support work. We also have a number of hygiene rooms and separate group rooms.

We aim to pursue high, individual achievement for all our pupils; whether they are studying the National Curriculum or working at P-Levels or at the Foundation Stage level.

We expect all members of the school community to be prepared to experience new things and take on new challenges, to produce their best work and behaviour at all times, and where possible, to be aware of the needs and feelings of others.

We believe that ‘Every Child Matters’ and has a right to –

.            Be safe
.            Make a positive contribution
.            Be healthy
.            Achieve economic wellbeing
.            Enjoy and achieve


Herons Dale School aims to provide

Happy days filled with learning

Experiences which develop a fit and healthy lifestyle

Relevant, broad, balanced, creative and inclusive curriculums

Opportunites to be part of the community

Nurturing relationships

Stimulating learning environments where pupils feel safe and secure

Diverse and personalised approaches to learning

All-encompassing communication

Life skills development

Encouragement and support to have respect, confidence and resilience

Ofsted Quotes

“Behaviour in the school is outstanding. There is a safe and caring approach and the welfare of pupils is given a high priority”

“The best of teaching is inspirational, encouraging pupils to develop communication skills very effectively and take part in a wide range of new and interesting activities”

“Pupils settle quickly in the school because of the care, commitment and passion of the staff”

“There is inspiring teaching present in the school where teachers promote learning extremely well with clear class routines”