Team Around Project is a way of including the whole school in big school projects. At Heron Dale, we have many team around including team around Christmas, team around the playground, team around playtime, team around indoor environments, team around forest schools, team around performing arts and many more. Here you can find out more information about each team around, we will try and update each term.

The team around Christmas have already met four times this year. We have been discussing our Christmas performance, Christmas Around the World.  The team have been split into subgroups production, script and program. We hope you're as excited as us for the Christmas Performance this year.



17th December PM

18th December AM

Team Around Playtime have been meeting for the last year. They have been discussing how to make playtime exciting, safe and fun. We have three different playgrounds that are set up for different experiences for the children to enjoy. One of the topics they have been discussing is how to make Total Communication work better on the playgrounds, they decided on asking a local graffiti artist to paint plaques of the behaviour they would like communicated outside

  • Sharing
  • Helping
  • Caring
  • Communicate
  • Taking turns
  • Be a good sport
  • Gentle
  • Have fun.

Hopefully, this should be completed soon for everyone to see!

Team Around IT meet once a term to discuss different issues with respect to ICT around the school. We are extremely lucky to have Matthew Ford from TC-IT Services joining us on this team around. Technology is becoming more and more essential in our school environment and TAIT have been keeping on top of GDPR. Part of this has involved updating security policies, upgrading networked systems while also looking at ways of modernising our current systems and infrastructure. We are always on the look for new monitors, mice and keyboards - if you can help please let us know.

We have identified an area in the school to create a ‘nature hub ’with pond, sensory planting, raised beds/other ways of growing flowers, vegetables and herbs etc. Tracy Vise, our outdoor lead, raised money for the pond and is currently sending off grant applications for the allotment area. This is extremely exciting and could work alongside our Beach and Forest school projects! Again if you can helping please do get in contact with the school office.