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 2023-24 Menu

2024-25 Menu

Welcome to your new School meals menu for 2024/25. School meals are free for all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and for pupils who are entitled to Free School Meals. For pupils in other years meals can be ordered and paid for via the school.

Catering Services work with the Lead Association for Catering in Education (LACA) to ensure that our menus comply with the Government’s School Food Standards. We have reduced sugar, salt and fat content on our menu and support local suppliers providing fresh meat and vegetables. Our meals are produced in school by our award-winning teams to support your child’s lunchtime experience. We have recently partnered with ProVeg helping to make changes to our menu that can have a big impact on children’s health and the health of the planet.

How do I order and pay for a School meal?

All meals must be ordered via your school payment system please contact your school administrator. If you are entitled to Free School Meals or your child is in Reception, Year 1 or 2 the school will order for you direct to Catering Services and you do not need to contact the school after your initial order.


What happens if my child is sick and cannot attend School?

Please contact the school office as soon as possible to inform them your child will be absent and will not require their meal.

What happens if my child has a school trip?

Free School Meals and pupils in Reception, Years 1 & 2 will be provided with packed meals on trip days, the school will order directly with Catering Services. Paid meals should be ordered with your school as usual.


What if I require a special medical diet?

We can work with you and the school to support a medically prescribed special diet. Please ask for a Special Diet Request form from the school office, once completed return with the medical evidence to the school office. This request will then be passed to and reviewed by the Catering Services team and where possible a special diet meal will be provided.


How much does a school meal cost?

A school meal is currently £2.75, this may be subject to change in September 2024.


Free School Meals Eligibility


We would like to remind you that some families are entitled to Free School Meals.

There are two important reasons why families should register for Free School Meals:

  • students who are eligible receive a fresh nutritious hot Free School Meal every day.
  • schools receive additional funding from the government for each eligible student who claims the Free School Meal allowance, even if the student doesn’t regularly eat a meal.


The process for parents to submit applications for Free School Meals is now entirely online, and so schools will be unable to provide hardcopy forms or submit your application form for you. This system gives families an instant indication as to whether their child is eligible for Free School Meals and ensures that eligible children receive their entitlement as quickly as possible.


Link to the online Free School Meal application form: Free school meals – West Sussex County Council


The Catering Services Free School Meal team will then run further checks and confirm the outcome via email. You can contact the Catering Services Free School Meal team directly on 0330 222 5555 or at fsm@westsussex.gov.uk for further assistance.

Other key contacts:

  • Orders / Payments / Cancellations – Your school office.
  • Special Diets – Your school office in the first instance.
  • Catering Services Office Hours – 09.00 – 17:00, Mon-Fri.
  • Compliments / Complaints/ Feedback