The rationale behind our curriculum is to recognise the wealth of PSHCE

PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic Education) is currently taught in a variety of ways. For our formal classes, there will be a timetabled weekly session which focuses on delivering the PSHCE curriculum. For our semi-formal and engaging classes, there may not be a timetabled weekly session as PSHCE is delivered through daily routines, at an individual level relevant to the developmental needs and life skills of the students.

The rationale behind our curriculum is to recognise the wealth of PSHCE which is taught discreetly throughout the school. This includes self-help skills (such as toileting, brushing teeth etc.), life skills (such as cooking, making drinks etc.), social interactions (encouraging appropriate play at playtimes, etc.), building self-esteem and confidence (undertaking class jobs etc.)

A huge part of our teaching timetable is dedicated to meeting the personal, social and health needs of our students. Our curriculum includes learning intentions and activities for every area of PSHCE that we teach and therefore enables us to show progress for each student within each of the 33 themes + Citizenship including relationship, sex and health education. It also provides teachers with the tools to personalise the teaching of PSHCE to meet the needs of each child and demonstrates our belief that PSHCE underpins everything we do at Herons Dale School.