Physical Development

Within our school, P.E takes place on a daily basis in different forms

Within our school, P.E takes place on a daily basis in different forms, which are delivered predominantly by the class teacher and is enriched through a daily ‘active mile’, through sensory support, swimming, and intervention work as well as access to resources during playtime.  Most formal learners access P.E through 2 direct sessions a week where the curriculum objective changes each term (these are related to our school Topic Web and Equals Schemes of work). Indoor and outdoor play activities at playtimes include those that are to develop gross motor skills as well as targeting different sporting skills.

Our Semi Formal and Engaging learners have a range of physical activities daily that contribute towards their P.E development. Children within these classes have access to daily physiotherapy or OT programs as appropriate. The hydrotherapy pool is used throughout the week for identified Formal/Semi Formal/ Engaging learners to develop water confidence and develop their swimming skills as well as supporting their sensory needs and their physio program. These are generally taught on a 1:1 basis or in small groups. The Semi Formal and Engaging learners also have physical development targets that are worked on during free flow activities and at lunch/break times.

In the Early Years foundation stage, there is a prime area of physical development which covers moving and handling and health and self-care which we have enhanced to also include swimming. All classes have an enclosed outside space used for learning and playing. Making gross and fine motor development and intrinsic part of the day. Each term there is a different focus for this moving time, but keeping in like with the EY Framework and taking into consideration the different needs within the classes.