Phonics - Song of Sounds

Recently we have begun using the fabulous ‘Song of Sounds’ phonics programme for everyone at Herons Dale.

Song of Sounds is a systematic, synthetic phonics programme.  The programme teaches children to read and write by introducing children to the sounds that they can hear in words (phonemes) and their written equivalent (graphemes).

Children learn to blend sounds together to read words and segment words to spell them.

Song of Sounds is also a multi-sensory phonics programme. It is hands on and interactive with music, movement, and practical activities at its core, to ensure children enjoy the phonics learning process.  The programme ensures that children become fluent readers and knowledgeable spellers by the end of Key Stage 1.

All teachers and teaching assistants have had training in song of sounds which allows us to deliver high standard phonics sessions.

You can search the songs on YouTube- they are very catchy!!  Brogan has also signed some of the songs and these can be found using the links below

Stage 1 Song – Brogan Signing

Stage 2 Song – Brogan Signing

Stage 3 Song – Brogan Signing

Phonics training for parents coming soon – Autumn 2022