Outdoor Environments


This is the largest of our 4 playgrounds. It provides opportunities for socializing play. Gross motor development and team work are supported with cycling and team games including football and chase.

Blue Playground

The blue playground is part of the indoor/outdoor learning experience for Key stage 1. All areas of the curriculum are supported through creativity and play.

Black Playground

This is a fully covered play space. The focus is on sensory exploration, communication and play. This playground supports the skill development of the classes it is attached to.

Early Years Playground

As an essential part of the indoor/outdoor free flow and learning through play ethos this outdoor playground supports all areas of the early years curriculum.


We are fortunate enough to have our own enclosed field space. As with all areas it is used in a diverse way for PE lessons, sensory support, social play, parachute games and much more. When more space is needed we can access the larger field we share with our neighbours.

Class Spaces

Every classroom looks different at our school. That is intentional as every year staff adapt the classes to ensure they suit the needs of the pupils. Somethings are seen across the school such as visual timetables and now / next boards as these support our Total communication ethos.


We value and encourage indoor and outdoor learning. As such every class in the school as a dedicated enclosed outdoor space. As with all the outdoor spaces we are developing them to ensure they are accessible, fun and support learning and development for all.

Nature Hub and Pond Area

We are very lucky to have a fenced off nature hub areas with a raised pond, growing bed, fruit trees and a herb bed.  This area is a lovely calm space for the children to visit as a whole class, small group or one to one session.