Online Safety

At Herons Dale School we understand that technology can have an important role to play in overcoming barriers and supporting learning. At Herons Dale we are also mindful that some children may be vulnerable when using technology.

We take Internet Safety very seriously and see it as our duty to keep our pupils safe whilst using technology in school and at home.

How to keep your child safe online

We all know that children love their tech! However innocent their intentions might be the internet can be a dangerous place. Most companies have parental control options to keep children safe. Click the device below for some helpful tips and tricks.

Remember if you see something on the internet that concerns you: 

       FLAG IT 

       BLOCK IT 

       REPORT IT

We all use search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo but these aren’t always the best place for children to be searching on. Google have their own search engine made just for kids, this blocks content that isn’t suitable for children and takes away the advertising. On pupil computers at Herons Dale Kiddle is the only search engine they can use. Click the picture below to try it out!

Image result for kiddle

Facebook is the most used site website in the world, the minimum age to have a profile is 13. However, you might wish to change your privacy settings if you have pictures and information about your child on your profile. Click the picture below to see how

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In the world of tech, there are so many terms, abbreviation or slang that only computer scientists know the real meaning. Click on the picture below for our helpful Jargonbuster

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Online safety is embedded in our curriculum at Herons Dale, but staying safe online at home is equally as important. CBBC have created an amazing online safety page on their website. Click the picture below to explore it

iPad’s! iPads must be the most loved toy at the moment with Youtube, games and other interactive app’s. Sometimes you might like it if they stay on the same app while you’re not there to keep them safe online. There is a way, triple tap the home button and this with take you into guided access, without the password they cannot change the app. Click the picture below for more information

Image result for ipad help