Music is a HUGE part of our school ethos

Music is a HUGE part of our school ethos and at Herons Dale we truly recognise this powerful form of communication that can change the way children feel, think and act. Through music we want our pupils to discover a greater understanding of themselves and their relationship with others, and to unleash their creativity and regulation skills.

Exposure to music develops our children’s ability to listen and respond. To appreciate a wide variety of musical forms and to develop personal taste. To acquire a sense of group identity and togetherness, and to begin making judgements about quality, similarities and what makes that music special to them.  Throughout the school our learners have opportunity to take part in practical, interactive learning through music and it is thoroughly embedded in our teaching and learning, through: routine-based songs, singing assembly, specialist teachers, signing and singing choir, a focused music space and therapy room, specialist music therapist visits. Our curriculum exposes the children to a broad range of music styles, composition skills and theory and understanding of the mechanics of music, as well as critical expression. We also employ:

  • Use of song throughout the day for semi-formal learners.
  • Singing assembly
  • Specialist teachers / grade 6 leads sessions
  • Signing / signing choir
  • Specific music room – but also learn in classes.
  • Formal learners learn about theory as well as practical sessions.
  • Specialist Music therapist available in school delivers 1:1, group, and class sessions.