History and Geography

At Herons Dale we believe our pupils need to develop a sense of themselves, who they are and where they come from…

At Herons Dale we believe our pupils need to develop a sense of themselves, who they are and where they come from through learning about their immediate families and their place within the world. History provides a means of exploring, appreciating, and understanding the world in which we live and how it has evolved. Through our History curriculum, our pupils can begin to recognise the importance of their past and present world, using different types of enquiry and viewing them from different perspectives.  

We strive to ensure our history curriculum is broad and inclusive, accurately reflecting the histories of ALL our pupils and their backgrounds.

We provide enrichment days across the school, which gives pupils opportunities to explore and experience historical themes linked to each topic. We make use of practical learning, hands-on sensory experiences and school visits as well as more formal learning. Children will also encounter different societies and cultures, inspiring them to think about their own place in the world, their values and their rights and responsibilities to other people and the environments.

Geography at Herons Dale, like History, is topic based. Throughout our geography curriculum we are keen to ensure our students have a good understanding of the world around them and their place within it. Our geography curriculum embraces our love of cross curricular teaching, helping our children to develop their understanding and knowledge of places and environments both local and worldwide. Activities are often practical based with opportunities for our children to explore their immediate surroundings when learning about the school and grounds, as well as our local area. We also make use of technology where we can explore places from further afield, using video footage to bring these places to life. We also provide the children with the opportunity to take part in Geography-based enrichment days that allow them to fully immerse themselves in their learning.