Herons Dale is a Total communication school

Herons Dale is a Total communication school. We use all possible means of communication to be the best communicators we can be for our learners and to develop their skills allowing them to be the best communicators they can be.

Herons Dale is a communication rich environment where every child, no matter their primary means of communication, will not only have all communication attempts validated, but see their communication style reflected in their wider community. This intrinsically builds confidence to communicate.

Expressive and receptive language is taught and supported through Total communication aids such as Intensive interaction, Makaton signing, aided language boards, symbols, labels etc. SaLT support its development with bespoke programs as appropriate. Functionality and skill drive the development of both receptive and expressive language.

We believe in challenge and through developing the functional nature of each pupils communication we are able to then challenge them is all areas to develop their wider skills.