Obstacle Course with Anna

Tour of the School with Lighthouses

Penguin read by Tracy

Simon Says

Dinosaur Music with Mollie

I want to be with Tash

Relaxing with Bea


How are they feeling?

Dinosaur Yoga with Lighthouses

Fine Motor Skills with Sue

Dinosaur Nests

Dinosaur Rhymes

Sensory Circuits with Kirsty

Obstacle Course with Windmills

Sensory Play with Cornflour

Salt Dough Dinosaur Bones

Singing Assembly with Red

Dinosaur Biscuits with Claire

Igloos explore Herons Forest

How to Catch a Star with Barns

Exploring the Early Year's Playground with Kirsty

Attention Autism with Meg

Peck, Peck, Peck with Tracy

Sensory Music Session with Spencer

Sensory Circuits with Sue and Ella

Tacpac with Bea

Celebration Assembly with Red

Hiding around the school

Dancing with Igloos

Making Dinosaur Bread

Science with Tracey

Singing Assembly with Lighthouse Class

International Hat Day with Anna

Sensory Circuits with Mollie

Letter A and Playdough with Andy

Making Playdough with Andy

Celebration Assembly with Anna

Dinosaur Music Session with Spencer

Cornflour Snow with Charlotte

Movement Break with Tash

Calming with Hudson

Sensory Circuits with Cath and Hudson

Attention Autism with Kirsty

The Ravenous Beast with Bea

That's not my Dinosaur with Sue

Sensory Support Plan

Dinosaur Hunt with Mollie

CALM with the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Numbers with Sue

Tour of the School with Barns

Dinosaur Sensory Tray with Jade

Shark in the Park with Charlotte

Celebration Assembly with Brogan

Dinosaur Assembly with Georgie

A Little Dramatic - Traditional Tales

Music with Red

Five Little Dinosaurs with Charlotte

That's not my Dinosaur with Bea

Dinosaur Song with Bea

Science Experiments

Dinosaur Roar by Singing Hands

Story for Tents - One Ted Fell Out of Bed

Story for Houseboats - Scary Sid

Wake Up Song by Houseboats

Yoga Breathing Exercises for Tents

Painting with Hudson for Castles