Anti Racist School

How do we talk about racism?

Recent events have highlighted the on going inequality of treatment of black and brown people. Racism is a conversation that lots of people, especially white people have difficulties navigating.  Our children are ‘sponges’. They are receptive to the world around them and many are aware that at this moment in time, there is a movement, conversations and protest around the treatment of black and brown people. This has been seen and heard in our school from our pupils already.

Our school values were written to ensure that we promote the equality and value of every individual in our school community. Our school values are:

To support a conversation with our pupils who are aware of what is happening in the wider world we have uploaded a social story on our website and posted a link on our school Facebook page.

To write a Social Story is to assume an invitation into the mind of a child, adolescent or adult with additional needs. At Herons Dale, our social stories will always support the values we believe in.

Our pupils who are unable to comprehend what is happening are our greatest teachers. They teach us that, when you do not learn in a systemically racist environment, you value every individual for the humanity they express and the kindness of their actions.

How to talk about racism social story

A parent’s guide to Black Lives Matter 

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Supporting you to Raise Antiracist Children 


    What does Black Lives Matter mean?

    Look at the poster image, are you aware of the protests currently taking place in America and in other cities around the world? Explain that many people are angry about the unfairness and mistreatment of how black African American citizens are treated by the police and in other situations within their lives. They want to raise awareness of racism and are trying to change the opinions and actions of others. As some of the protests have turned violent, they have caused divided opinion. Some people believe that more peaceful methods should be used to help educate and initiate change.

    Black Lives Matter and Blackout Tuesday are movements to both raise awareness and educate people about racial inequalities around the world. Racism is something we can all learn about and find out ways that we can support and promote equality for all.

    Can you find out about and create a fact file from a person influential to the black civil rights movement e.g. Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King?